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Bit of an odd one today. It's not a writing day. Story writing I mean, my head/ heart aren't in it. It's not an admin day, I really can't be arsed. Car won't start, had to cancel a Dr appointment. Can't pop to the supermarket to pick up Child No 1's food tech ingredients for tomorrow. The dog is acting a bit mental, needs a second long walk of the day, I can't physically cope with that thanks to my fuck up legs. I have a slightly bonkers notion of going back to school, MB suggested it if this whole writing thing is what I'm going to try and do with the rest of my working life although I had been casually looking at stuff for a couple of years now. I want to be thinner. Not by much but I can't do many of my shirts up at the moment. I don't want to change my diet though. It would be nice to be a bit taller. A couple of inches maybe. I don't mind that I'm not that handsome, never really bothered me, always managed to get chicks out of my league by being that drummer bloke and now I am happily married with a Mama Bear that I love dearly. She puts up with me, still thinks I'm yummy and frankly that's all I need in life. I quite like my grey hair. I'd quite like more of it, not more hair, I've still got the same amount I've always had, I'd just like more of it to be more grey. Maybe it's about looking distinguished. Maybe I want to look more like a wizard. Who knows.

I need more cash. I can't get my Dad sleeve finished thanks to lack of funds. I want a pilots helmet and goggles. Not for anything really, just to have, wear round the house, just for my own amusement. A Stormtrooper helmet too. To answer the door to the postman in, maybe for the odd school run. I want to be able to fund the last two custom lightsabers that I've had in my head for a while, have custom parts milled and be able to have them etched. I want to be able to 3D print life sized Lego bits, see pic. I want to be able to surprise MB with a night out, nice meal, a show or something. Treat my lovely mum to afternoon tea. And most of all I want to stop wanting. Maybe tomorrow will be a more productive day.

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