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Burger & Ralph Issue 1

Time travel exists.

Not for another hundred years or so, but it exists. The Time Travel Enforcement Agency (T.T.E.A) is set up to police this new tech and put right the deviations from our timeline.

Burger & Ralph are a pair of agents in the T.T.E.A. It sounds like a glamorous gig. The reality is that they are posted to present day, sitting in a knackered old transit van, waiting for time hopping perps to turn up.

Created and written by Luke Aldridge

Illustrated by Karl Hewitt

Lettered by Nick Toye

Burger & Ralph #1 also includes a short story from the murkier side of the T.T.E.A.

Blunt & Magz are time travelling hitmen, in this case reporting to WWII era Winston Churchill to pick up their latest mission. Who will their target be and will it all run according to plan?

Karl was the first illustrator to get involved and he has been such a fantastic person to have on board. Suggestions on layout and story have been hugely welcome and I love seeing what he's up to next. Burger & Ralph totally come to life when his visuals meet my writing. 

Page 1 What's in the Box BURGER & RALPH.

"Excellent." - Mark Forstater, Producer of Monty Python & the Holy Grail.

"Reminds me of watching Dangermouse back in the 80s!" - Karl Richardson, Illustrator 2000AD.

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Karl Hewitt started drawing from as early as he can remember. Growing up on a diet of all things 80 Geek Culture he drew a lot of turtles and ghostbusters as a result. Primary school reports regularly predicted that he would end up going into illustration.


As the years went on a mix of Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons, Ren & Stimpy and Cow & Chicken formed the buildings blocks for his art style. After discovering Skottie Young (Marvel, Oz) back in 2004 he has never ever looked back and has followed his work ever since. Karl sites Scottie as his biggest inspiration on his illustration style, which he describes as gritty and loose with a sense of humour.


AS well as illustrating a number of comic books Karl is also a full-time mural artist.


You can check out his work here.

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