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Luke Aldridge

After spending the first 14 years of his life writing stories, drawing monsters and wanting to go into movie prosthetics, his love of music finally took over. He spent over 20 years performing, teaching, examining, composing and arranging, gaining a degree from the London College of Music and a postgrad in Jazz & Studio Music from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama on the way. Highlights include conducting at the Royal Albert Hall, touring Europe and playing a wedding reception in a scout hut.


After being retired from music making at 40 thanks to arthritis, he ran a pop-up cinema and started writing again. One of these had to give and in 2019 Luke started a Masters in Screenwriting at the MetFilm School based at Ealing Studios.

He loves to write all kinds of stories across all mediums, from comic books to feature films, animation to tv, kids books to audio plays. He is currently working on an animated series for grown-ups, best described as a British Rick & Morty meets Bill & Ted as if it were voiced by Pegg & Frost. His sampler comic book, The Papa Bear Chronicles sees Luke collaborate with 6 amazing illustrators on a series of short stories in a variety of styles. It will be available in the not too distant future.

When he’s not watching movies, playing with Lego, stroking his plush and luxurious beard or writing about himself in the third person, he is dad to 2 and step dad to 2 more. He also has a lovely dog called Obi and a long suffering wife who really should know better.

"Colourful, expressive dialogue with a very readable way of providing exposition. " - Alexis Kirk, Director of the London International Screenwriting Festival.

"He’s an animated storyteller and he’s very sharp and funny." - Tony Orster, Orster Media.

"'e's a good geeza." - Tony Esmund, Tribute Press/ The Awesome Comics Podcast.


"I like your notebook." - Tom Williams, Writer of Chalet Girl & Kajaki. 

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