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Pod 1 - Luke Aldridge

As a general introduction to The Pod, Luke chats about his experiences with death, loss and grief.

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Pod 2 - Fiona Troon

Luke chats to old college friend Fi about a whole host of stuff, including losing both of her parents to cancer in her 20s. 

Fi spoke to Luke via Zoom from her home in Chile. 

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Pod 3 - Nick Brown

Joined by fellow geek and Tringite Nick Brown, they remember Nick's dad Peter and talk about Bladerunner.

Nick and Luke recorded cosily together at The Mancave.

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Pod 4a & 4b
Toby Kennedy

Close mates for 25 years, Luke spoke to Toby at his home in Suffolk about losing his mum just before Christmas and then finding out that his dad had cancer only a couple of months later.

Visit Toby's store and check out his social media stuff

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  • Instagram
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Pod 5a & 5b - Sam Vale

Sam paid a visit to The Mancave to record in person.


Cousin-in-law and birthday twin, Sam is a dancer, creative, well being champion and mum of two. She came in to speak about her dealings with cancer and losing her mum to it a few years ago. 

Pod 6 - Rachael Smith

Rachael is a story teller, illustrator and creator of mental health diary comics.


I've been a big fan for a while and when I was at Thought Bubble Comic Con I couldn't resist asking Rachael if she'd come on the pod.


You can check out Rachael's work at  

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