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'Gone, But Not...' is a podcast that looks at death, grief and loss. Speaking to a different guest every episode Luke chats about their experiences of loss in a variety of forms. It could be losing a loved one, friend, family pet or the breakup of a significant relationship and how that person has processed that. They might be 20 years in or new to 'The Club', a wide variety of experiences are there to be shared.


The aim of the pod is simple. We don't talk about death enough. We will all suffer grief in our lives at some point, as sure as the fact that we all will die. By normalising these subjects in our chats we hope that there will be some parts that you can relate to or if you're yet to experience it yourself that it may prepare you a bit for what's to come. Either way we hope that you enjoy the conversations.

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If you would like to get in touch with Gone, But Not... please do so using the CONTACT page, using the subject Gone, But Not...

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If you need support regarding any of the subjects that we cover, contact your GP for advice about the services available to you.

Alternatively you can always call The Samaritans, open 24 hours and absolutely free on 116 123 or email

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