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Burger & Ralph 'What's in the Box?'

A short adventure with Burger & Ralph, agents of the Time Travel Enforcement Agency.

Written, directed & produced by Luke Aldridge

Illustrated by Karl Hewitt


Narrator - Radhika Aggarwal

Burger - Alex Lipitch

Ralph - Luke Aldridge


Editing & sound design by Chris Paxton Logos designed by Martin Herity

Music by Toby 'Pee Wee' Kennedy


Copyright 2021 Luke Aldridge

Beni & the BIG D

From writer Luke Aldridge & illustrator Nick Toye comes a brand new comic book series.


Featuring Lynsey Murrell as the voice of Beni.


Editing by Chris Paxton

Music by Toby "Pee Wee" Kennedy

Copyright 2021 Luke Aldridge


My take on the Little Red Riding Hood story. She's ended up as more of a Blade/ Buffy character than a wee lass skipping through the woods!

Written by Luke Aldridge

Visuals by Paul Essenson


Campers - "Zombie" Pete Cuffe & Luke Aldridge


Video created by Chris Paxton

Copyright 2022 Luke Aldridge

'He & Me' by Luke Aldridge

A short film about a bloke living with his Depression.


Shot on a smart phone. No dialogue.

Me - Jose Solorzano

He - Gorjan Atanasov

Written, directed & edited by Luke Aldridge

Director of Photography - Aarti Trikannad

Original soundtrack written & performed by Luke

Hunting Dawn

Kurtz & Red are veterans of a decade long war with the Mechs. They now make a living mopping up the ones that got away.


Written by Luke Aldridge

Visuals by Nick Toye


Red - Radhika Aggarwal

Kurtz - Tom Dussek

Bernie - Chris Paxton

Murg - Luke Aldridge


Video created by Chris Paxton

Copyright 2022 Luke Aldridge

"Just Waves"

A rare piece of writing that doesn't involve super powers or ray guns.

Dedicated to Becci x

Written & shot by Luke Aldridge

Edited by Jemima Johnston


'On the Throne: A Short Poopy Play'

by Luke Aldridge

Produced by new company 'Echo Chamber' this tells the tale of a parent seeking some peace and serenity in the smallest room. The rest of the family have other plans....

Click HERE to listen

It was inspired by a particularly sociable toilet visit here at PB Towers. Originally written from the Dad’s point of view, then switched to have Mum pooping and eventually settling down as a 2 Mum household when in development with Producer/ Director Rad at Echo Chamber.

luke_1024 54.jpg

There’s a new joke dropping in almost every line. Family members demanding your attention......

this play is clever, funny and real.

Mobile Theatre review 20/3/2021 5*

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