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The Papa Bear Chronicles Vol 1

Over the last couple of years I've been collaborating with various artists on short comic stories to use as part of submissions packs to publishers or as the start of something bigger to do ourselves. They are collected in this anthology book and include:

- Hunting Dawn with Nick Toye

- Red with Paul Essenson

- Burger & Ralph with Karl Hewitt

- Ghostblade with Katy Smith

- Beni with Nick Toye

After a decade long war between human and machines a pair of grizzled ex-military bounty hunters make a living mopping up the Mechs that got away.

This short story introduces us to Red and Captain Bill Kurtz as they bring in a target. It serves as the opening to a longer story.

Red purple.png


Hunting Dawn

Kurtz Line.jpg


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A reimaging of Little Red Riding Hood through the prism of Buffy/ Blade. 

Somewhere in Eastern Europe there is a forest, for centuries the home to werewolves. But from the shadows comes one that will keep the balance. Red.

In this case a couple of idiot campers ignore the local legends and wander into the forest and set up for the night. But did something just go bump in the night? 

Illustrated and lettered by Paul Essenson

Wolfie Chop.jpg

When you come home early from school one day the last thing you expect to find is your Mum on the dining table, filled with bullet holes and your Dad trying to save her. Not the boring, manager of a small shipping company and his assistant, it turns out that your parents are in fact top assassins. So it's serious business when you too become a professional killer. But frankly that's the easy part, being 25 and single in London is a nightmare, even if you didn't just kill a minor royal with a spoon for money.


Illustrated by Katy Smith

Katy S Concept Art.png


Early Character Concept Art

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