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Beni & the Big D Issue 1

Pencils, inks & lettered by Nick Toye

Page 1.jpg

Beni lead a normal, happy life with her parents in North London. Until they were targeted in a Mob hit.

Beni escaped and spent the next five years turning herself into a living weapon with revenge on her mind. All well and good until you get killed by the first henchman you come up against.....

Meeting The Grim Reaper she challenges him and beats him, coming back to Earth and bringing Death back with her to assist her in her mission. However, in doing so she brings about a terrible prophecy with all of Hell wanting to stop her at any cost.

Created with regular collaborator Nick Toye, the first story of 'Beni & the Big D' is a run of eight 28 page issues.

Beni Concept.jpg
Death Concept.jpg

Issue 1 will also include a teaser for Burger & Ralph Issue 1, out later in the year.

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