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Inside Harry's Head

Harry is a schlubby, 30 year old comic shop owner, quite content with his life of work, playing video games and going to the pub with his mates.

Mia is a successful, driven accountant who wants more in life.


So when Mia ups and leaves for Sydney, breaking up their ten year relationship, Harry is left in a serious funk.

Harry can't seem to break out of it so his pals Rachel & Mal come up with the genius plan of sorting out Harry's head by launching an expedition inside it to find out what's wrong and fix the issue.

With a few hangers on in the form of an elderly Japanese couple, a trio of screen obsessed teens and a pizza delivery dude the team will find themselves answering the question: Is Harry still afraid of the D'Aaarc...... ?

Created and written by Luke Aldridge

With a script that was described by a fellow writer as having a feel of Spaced about it, I now think of this as Inner-Spaced, with a young Nick Frost in the Dennis Quaid role.

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