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Diary of a Teenage Beast Hunter

Beast Hunter sword.jpg

Your 15th birthday.

What you're hoping to get is a phone upgrade and some vouchers.

Instead you're given a centuries old sword and told that you are next in line to take up the mantle of Beast Hunter like your Dad before you and his Dad before him.

I wanted to present this story a little differently from your average comic book so you're reading the actual diary pages of Daisy, the main character. There are scribbles, doodles and polaroids in the form of illustrations.

Created and written by Luke Aldridge

Illustrations by Oliver Francisco

I had already settled on the six stories that would go into my 24 page sampler book when I saw some of Oliver's work online. It reminded me in places of one of my favourite writer/ artists Doug TenNaples so I dropped Oliver a line. When he said that he would like to be involved I suddenly had a seven story, 28 page book on my hands.

Oliver G. Francisco is a practising lawyer and an artist based in the Philippines. He is the writer and illustrator of a fantasy/sci/fi trilogy of novels A Jackal and His Lawyer about an anthropomorphic crow who fights a primordial evil using his legal skills. It is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

You can find Oliver's books on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited by clicking HERE

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