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The Papa Bear Jr. Chronicles Vol 1

As a dad of two, one of primary school age, I couldn't publish three books of violent, sweary stuff. My son wouldn't forgive me. So I set about putting together a junior anthology book with all the same aims as PBC Vol 1 with less blood but as all the same fun. These stories are collected in this anthology book and include:

- Phazer Force with Karl Hewitt

- Willow & the Witch King with Lizzy Duncan

- Imaginary Friend with Daisy Aldridge

- Squidhead with Craig Munro

- Super Magic Monkey Samurai with Jessie Arias

Phazer Force

Lisa & Lenny Potts are a regular pair of twins. They fight, they get up to no good and they are completely obsessed with the new revolutionary VR experience that is Phazer Force. They're happy to get lost in this incredible world for hours on end. That is until an unexpected visitor knocks on their front door.

Lisa Concept.jpg
Lenny Concept.jpg
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